The Terrascopaedia is an illustrated occasional letterpress music magazine which was first printed in 2012. Issues are published approximately seven months apart. The magazine specialises in covering underground music of a rock, folk and "psychedelic" nature. 

As far as we know, it is the only magazine of its kind in the world, which is hardly surprising given that each page takes around 7 hours to typeset and a further two hours to print. 

The editor and publisher is Phil McMullen, a member of the Heritage Crafts Association and the Oxford Guild of Printers, who previously edited the Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine ( a commercially printed offset litho publication ) between 1989 and 2004. 

Albeit half the size and much less ambitious in scope, the Terrascopædia carries on from where the Ptolemaic Terrascope found itself in around 1992, before the CD became ubiquitous and the World Wide Web changed everything for good. The music discussed is released on vinyl or on cassette; most of the bands organise their own tours and release records on independent labels. We have nothing against the internet or digital music as such; we do however believe that there is still a place for the printed page, the smell of fresh ink, and the touch and feel of hand-made paper.